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Why A Mobile Web Site Is Critical To Your Local Business

Why A Mobile Web Site Is Critical To Your Local Business

Marketers are increasingly using mobile to drive both online and in-store revenue. However, with the bulk of mobile commerce coming in through applications and mobile websites, marketers need to realize that there are key differentiators in how consumers shop on their mobile devices across both platforms.

In a recent report, found that 65 percent of mobile shoppers during the holiday season are repeat consumers. Thirty-five percent of users are first-time mobile buyers. Sixty-eight percent of shoppers in the study were on mobile sites while 32 percent were on apps.

The data points to the mobile Web as attracting a larger amount of users. Moreover, 37 percent of consumers in the study visited either a mobile site or app based on their familiarity with the brand, showing how consumers nowadays expect that their favourite retailers and brands have a mobile presence.

Javelin Research recently found some interesting differences between mobile Web and app shoppers in its “Mobile Payments Hit $20 Billion in 2012″. According to the study, commerce from mobile Web and apps will generate $20.3 billion out of the total mobile commerce market of $20.7 billion. This shows that despite the attention that mobile payments get, the real opportunity for mobile commerce right now still lies in apps and sites.

Per Javelin’s findings, app shoppers make an average of 2.5 transactions and spend $26 monthly. On the Web side, the average shopper made 2.54 purchases with a monthly spend of $37. Small items such as ringtones, paid apps and music attributed to the smaller app spend.

Additionally, the study found that 59 percent of consumers surveyed have used both a mobile app and site to buy.

Interestingly, 27 percent of mobile shoppers only buy through the mobile Web. Fourteen percent of consumers in the study only used apps to shop.

The figures show why it is important for brands to have both a mobile Web site and apps. The app sales most likely represent consumers who only download a few apps from their favourite brands onto their devices. These same users are shopping on the mobile Web though, too.

In order to capture the widest group of users, brands need to develop both mobile Web sites and apps.

Mobile commerce should not be about native apps versus Web apps. It should be about offering the best possible experience to your customers on any mobile device. Retailers need to have a strategy for both options.

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